The Workshop/Pump House

In 2018 the workshop/pump house was designed by the owner and engineered by LIS Engineers of Alva, Florida to the Florida Building Code. Metal connectors at every joint between two members were used. The entire structure is bolted to the slab in every bay along the perimeter. This is no "shed", but a an extremely solid building. The sheathing used is Huber Engineered Woods Zip System which makes for a much more water and vapor proof method than Tyvek or a similar film stapled over plywood. Both the walls and roof are 5/8" thick Zip panels. Normal plywood sheathing is 7/16". Seams were finished using Zip Seam Tape on the roof and Zip System Liquid Flash on all wall seams and around door and window openings over the #2 southern yellow pine framing. The shed style roof sheathing was flashed, then 3/4"x4" pine battens were installed parallel with the gable ends. Stapled on top of those battens is a radiant foil barrier, over that, another layer of 3/4"x4 battens at ninety degrees to the first layer of battens. This creates a lower channel under the foil barrier running up the roof which carries the sun heated air up and out openings in the upper fascia board on the east edge of the roof. And additional air space is directly under the metal roof panels screwed to the second layer of battens. This roof, combined with the batt insulation between the roof rafters and in the wall cavities, allows a window air conditioner to keep the workshop comfortable even in the hottest days of the summer. The soffits are 7/16" exterior plywood for strength with James Hardie cement soffit panels in Cedarmill design glued and nailed over the plywood for appearance and paint holding characteristics. The lap siding is pre-primed LP Smartside man made siding which is far stronger than cement siding. When the building inspector came to do the final inspection for the permit, he stated that he only knew of two or three contractors who could have built a building of this quality.