In a thirty five year old house, The attic insulation has settled significantly. The duct works has accumulated dirt, dander and who knows what else. You never know whether there are pinhole leaks in the copper pipes about to become a major problem. So, when the second owners purchased this home, all the old blown-in insulation in the attic was vacuumed out by Heartland Insulation of Sebring, Florida. All of the ceiling drywall was then pulled down. New duct work, plenums and returns were installed by Michael's Heating and A/C. New electrical wiring runs were installed. The kitchen drop ceiling was removed and new can lighting installed. CAT6 Ethernet cable was run throughout the house and into a Leviton Structured Media Center in the kitchen. Plenum rated heavy speaker wire was run in the attic for the 7.1 home theater system speakers (the whole system stays with the home). All new RG6 Quad coaxial cable was run throughout the house for from both the west outside wall to carry video feed from either antenna or satellite dish into the Media Center for distribution to the various rooms, and from the east outside wall into the Media Center for distribution of the Comcast internet/TV signal. The front door was moved to the southeast living room wall allowing the kitchen to be lengthened. The kitchen wall was reconfigured to include a bump out into the living room which allowed a standard depth refrigerator to appear counter depth. What had been the coat closet became the pantry. Batt insulation was installed at all the eave bays, new drywall on the ceiling, and new clean, efficient insulation blown into the attic by Heartland.

Click on the thumbnails at left to enlarge them. Most are self explanatory. The white colored cables at left in the first photo are the plenum rated speaker wires for the home theater speakers. The batts of insulation at the eaves were installed over foam baffles to prevent insulation from being inadvertently blown into the eaves later. The baffles provide a channel for the air to move from the eaves to the attic vent. In the fourth photo you can see a paper "depth guage" stapled to a truss. These were put throughout the attic by the insulation company so that the proper depth of insulation would be installed. CAT6 ethernet and RG6 Quad coax were run to most of the rooms and into low voltage receptacle boxes to carry internet and video signals. After the new ceiling drywall was installed, it as well as the walls were textured with a "knockdown" finish. Note the 2x lumber installed horizontally between the studs of the TV wall where the wall mount will later be installed. The same was done in the kitchen where the new over the cooktop exhaust fan would be installed. In the sixth photo you can see a new white steel door against the living room wall. It was decided instead to use the fiberglass door you see in the house today, both for efficiency purposes and to eliminate a maintenance issue which often occurs with steel entry doors.Photos ten and thirteen show were the original front door was located before the south kitchen wall was removed.

Additional work was done under the major remodel permit which is discussed in other sections of this web site. That permit number was 13-0372. Another permit, 13-0426, later that year, was for the concrete slab the workshop was to rest on.