Custom Cabinetry

The owners of this home opted to use built-in custom cabinetry to enhance the livability and easy care which built-in cabinetry provides. Anyone who's ever cleaned the average home knows what winds up under the beds, dressers and nightstands in the average bedroom. The standard term is "dust bunnies", but we all know that, whatever you call it, it's made up of dust, hair, dirt, dead insect remains, and who knows what else. Built-in cabinetry in those rooms eliminates the possibility of anything hiding from your dust mop or even the robot vac. The master bedroom, in Walnut, has a lift up king size bed with ample storage underneath. For those who may suffer from acid reflux while sleeping on your back, in just a few minutes the bed can be lowered at the foot end by five degrees. Problem solved. Two dressers and twin wall mounted nightstands, with unique voice controlled dimmable lighting, means you can just turn your robot vac loose to clean the master suite without having to get down on your hands and knees to try and collect whatever stuff is hiding under the furniture. Both guest bedroom/offices have been designed with the same principle in mind. The Oak room has a queen sized Murphy bed flanked by two open bookcases with spacious cabinets below. Opposite is a huge dresser with thirteen drawers, two of which are legal size file drawers, and two more cabinets. The Hickory room facing the river has two twin Murphy beds with cabinet and bookcase between, and twelve drawers, two of which are legal file drawers. All drawer boxes are constructed of 3/4" UV prefinished Maple plywood for the sides and 1/2" for the bottom. Joints are glued together with tenons and pocket screws, as are all the cabinet boxes as well. All drawers in the kitchen and three bedrooms feature silent, soft close drawer slides and soft close hinges by either Grass or Blum, both top quality cabinet hardware manufacturers. All built in cabinets are mounted on EZ Level cabinet levelers. Specific hardware specs are included in "House Instruction" document. In all, there are sixty-one built in drawers plus fifteen cabinet pullouts in the home.