Additional Features

The home will come with "House Instructions", a comprehensive guide to the equipment for the house, suggested maintenance and current companies who provide scheduled maintenance. All manuals for equipment will be provided in paper form as well as digitally. All paint brands used and the colors, both inside and out, specific hardware used such as cabinet drawer slide and hinge part numbers, etc.. Some spare slides and hinges will be included.

Included are a high end modem, Asus Mesh wireless router system, and the 7.1 home theater system with Sony receiver, Tivo Edge for Antenna, and brand new Samung 65" TV. The equipment, including battery backup, is located in its own cooling fan equipped cabinet in the south end of the kitchen behind the television wall. The entire home theater system is controlled via a Logitech Harmony remote control. It can also be controlled with a smart phone with the Harmony app.

A Hubitat Elevation smart home hub is included. This is an easy to use and program smart home system that can control lighting, alarm, thermostat, locks, etc.. Contact and motion sensors, when opened or closed, can even speak phrases you want on smart speakers in the home. It can remind you that "Someone left the big garage door open. Please close it." It can tell you at a particular time that "The workshop lock is unlocked. I am locking it now" and, just like that, the action is performed. It can tell you that there's water where there shouldn't be water. The possibilities are limitless, and the "programming" is simple English in the Hubitat app for computer or smart phone. You can lock or unlock one or more of the three Zwave locks from anywhere there is internet service. You can have the system lock any of the Zwave locks at a given time of day, or when you manually lock either of the locks in the house itself. You can, in a minute, program a one time, up to seven digit code for use by a tradesman or a neighbor to get into the home if you are away.

The Hubitat hub works with Alexa, so you can easily control lighting, thermostat, with your voice. For more information on this system, visit Hubitat on Youtube to see the endless possiblities of Hubitat Elevation. If you have any questions at all, contact Realtor Sherri Denning at 863-673-0829 and we'll try and get you an answer quickly.